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A static caravan insurance quote

The use of the term, static home caravan insurance quote, may indicate a slight confusion of orientation relating to this type of caravan cover.

That is because there may be a conflict between the use of the words home and static caravan in the same sentence.

In reality, a static home caravan insurance quote should perhaps be thought of as potentially needing to be broken down into two different types of caravan cover:

  • park home insurance – that is the form of cover typically required where you are living permanently in your dwelling as your normal place of residence, typically located on a licensed park home site;
  • static caravan insurance – typically required if you use your caravan for a few weeks or even months each year for holiday and related purposes but where you are not living in it as your permanent place of residence.

The insurance required for these two situations is fundamentally different and a single policy typically cannot be used for both circumstances.

If you are living in a fixed-position caravan on a permanent basis then static caravan insurance may prove to be no more applicable than would touring caravan insurance.

It may also be worth noting that simply living in a caravan on a permanent basis may not qualify it as a park home and therefore suitable for park home insurance.  Insurers may have other definition points that may need to be met, including aspects of the site where it is located.

Given that that some caravans are located in rural areas that are well known as holiday destinations, it is also perhaps worth pointing out that if you let out your static caravan or park home for the purposes of generating income, then you may need further insurance if your interests are to be protected.

Typical standard static caravan or park home insurance may not cover the use of your dwelling/caravan for commercial purposes including holiday lets.

It is always worthwhile being very clear as to the nature of your caravan and the way you plan to use it, before seeking caravan insurance quotations.

Obtaining a static home caravan insurance quote may only be of use if you are clear which category your caravan comes into and that the quotation is applicable to your individual circumstances.

Finally, don’t forget that in most cases you are not obliged to buy the site owner’s insurance – you are free to shop around for your caravan cover. And even if they charge you a fee for admin purposes (ie to check that you have appropriate cover), you may still be quids in by sourcing your cover independently.