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A static caravan insurance quote may help you find your solution

Finding the most appropriate insurance cover for your static caravan may be made just that bit simpler if you are able to obtain a static caravan insurance quote.

This may provide you with the information that may allow you to make an informed choice about what may constitute the most appropriate static caravan cover for your own particular situation.

The first point you may wish to bear in mind is that in most cases you are under no obligation to buy the static caravan cover that your site owner may offer you.  Understandably your site owner may be fully entitled to ensure that you have appropriate caravan cover before allowing you to use the site.  That doesn’t mean, however, that you must purchase that cover from them.

You need to be sure that the cover you buy fully protects the investment that you may have made in your static and to do that you may need a static caravan insurance quote so that you can compare just what is on offer before making a decision one way or another.

So, what do you look for in a static caravan insurance quote?

One feature of cover that you may be interested in is the information that your quote for static caravan insurance has on the subject of new for old replacement.

You may find, for example, that there may typically be two main criteria used by providers of static holiday home insurance to determine eligibility for a new caravan should yours be damaged beyond the point where repairs were a realistic option.

These are the age of your caravan and the number of owners that it has had.

If you have been the only owner of your caravan, there are some providers, such as ourselves, who may offer new replacement cover for statics up to five years old. Other policies though may restrict this level of cover to caravans up to 3 years of age.

If your static has been pre-owned but is not more than 3 years old, then you may be able to find policies where a new replacement may still be available for you.

Another feature of a static caravan insurance quote that it may be worth looking out for is whether or not discounted premiums may be on offer. These may be available, for example, if you opt to locate your static on a site which has no record of being flood prone or where there is 24 hour supervision.

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