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A touring insurance review

Some owners of a touring caravan may never bother with a touring insurance review.

They may argue that the only time they wish to think about their insurance is at annual renewal time and even then, as little as possible.  Advocates of this approach may also be inclined to simply automatically renew their existing policy each year.

It has to be admitted that this is one approach to caravan insurance but serious questions need to be asked as to whether this is necessarily in the owner’s best interests.

The fact is that the caravan insurance marketplace rarely sits still for any period of time.  New policies are constantly becoming available and caravan cover providers are frequently changing what they may call, in the jargon of the industry, their customer service proposition.

All this simply means is that potentially there are deals out there that were simply not around when you took out your existing policy and some of them may be suitable for you and possibly more cost-effective than your existing solution.

Of course, cost perhaps inevitably comes to the forefront of our thoughts when talking about owning a tourer.  If you select caravan insurance based upon price alone, you may run the risk of ending up with a policy that may appear to be cost-attractive but which is possibly not providing you with the full umbrella of protection that you may need.

That is why sitting down and looking closely at some alternative options to your existing insurance protection, may be advisable.  Examining a combination of price and the protection provided may help you to do one of things:

  • to relax, confident in the knowledge that your existing cover is still satisfactory;
  • to appreciate that your existing cover is no longer up to scratch and that it is time to do something about it.

In essence, this is that touring caravan insurance review.  It is a periodic systematic review of where you sit in insurance terms and it might be advisable to find a little time to do it a few times a year.  It might not be exactly your idea of a fun pastime but it just might end up offering you improved protection and at a more attractive price.

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