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FAQ – Are there any exclusions on my policy?

This is a more complicated question than it might at first appear.  In fact, it might be one that is easier to discuss with you directly and we would welcome your call.

That’s because the answer may vary depending upon the type of policy you have and your individual situation.

As a matter of principle though, many insurance policies contain terms and conditions, some of which may relate to specific exclusions.  This is done for a number of reasons but one of the primary objectives of stating exclusions is that of trying to make the position absolutely clear, to the policyholder, as to what is covered and what is not.

Typically no insurance policy will issue an entirely unqualified blanket guarantee that it will cover any set of circumstances and any situation whatsoever.  Insurance is about trying to identify risk categories that are covered and highlighting those that are not or which are considered to be exceptions.

Of course, some policies may be rather more liberal in their use of exclusions than others.

Things to look out for in terms of specific exclusions include:

  • the age of your caravan;
  • theft cover for your contents in situations where there is no evidence of forced entry;
  • electrical and mechanical failures;
  • issues arising due to mildew or vermin;
  • the use of your caravan as a commercial enterprise.

We will be only too pleased to help you understand just what your insurance policy includes as well as what it doesn’t include – particularly highlighting any relevant exclusions on the policy.