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FAQ – Do you insure awnings?

Yes, we most certainly do!

Typically it will be listed separately on your policy schedule.

It’s worth noting though that there may be some conditions and exclusions that will apply.

What follows should not be considered to be an exhaustive list but policies may:

  • not cover contents that you store under your awnings – that’s because an awning cannot reasonably be considered to be a secure area. On the same subject, you should note that policies will also typically have limitations or exclusions in terms of other types of externally stored items;
  • if you leave your caravan parked up for any period of time while you are not in attendance, you should fully stow your awning away.  That’s because your policy might not cover damage arising from storms in situations where it arose while you were absent from your caravan.  That’s why stowing it fully if you plan to be away for a period of time might be only common sense.

Awnings can at times be surprisingly expensive and also vulnerable, that’s why not all policies available on the marketplace will provide cover for them.

In passing, remember that sometimes your awning may be particularly susceptible to deterioration very quickly if it is not to appropriately cleaned and prepared for lengthy storage during the winter season. The manufacturer’s documentation will usually contain specific advice on the subject.

As you might expect, such deterioration will typically not be considered a valid cause for a claim against your insurance policy.