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FAQ – Are discounts available on your products?

We understand only too well the pressures of the rising cost of living on personal and family budgets. That’s why we are pleased to offer discounts on our products in certain situations.

There may be a number of circumstances in which you will be eligible for a discount on certain policies, including:

  • if you are a member of the caravan club or another major recognised owners’ association;
  • your use of certain approved high security devices on your caravan as an aid to the prevention of theft and burglary etc.;
  • if you take special precautions with the storage of your caravan over the winter time by using a CaSSOA site to help keep it safe; etc.

In reality, there may be a number of options for helping to keep the cost of your cover down and they are not limited to discounts. That clearly involves finding the most appropriate policy for your needs at the very outset, whilst at the same time keeping an eye on the need for a cost-attractive solution.

It’s very difficult to say more about your options here for keeping costs down, as much will depend upon the type of caravan you have, how you are using it and your own personal circumstances.

That’s why we invite you to give us a call to discuss your situation and we will be only too happy to try and offer you advice and options relating to keeping your insurance expenses down.

In passing, we always advise caution when considering buying the cheapest possible policy as a way of keeping your costs low. That might not seem such a good deal if it results in inadequate cover and difficulties in making claims in due course.