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FAQ – Are there any exclusions?

It doesn’t really matter what type of insurance policy you are talking about, whether for caravans or anything else, it will typically contain exclusions.

These are usually clearly highlighted in the documentation in order to specifically draw to the policyholder’s attention, just what is NOT being covered by the policy.

This is why it is particularly important to take a few minutes and read your policy documentation thoroughly.

As you might imagine, these exclusions vary significantly depending upon the type of caravan you are trying to insure and certain aspects of the way you plan to use it. Some of your personal characteristics, such as your age, might also play a factor in certain cases.

Here are a few examples but please note that these are only illustrations and they may not apply in every situation or to you as an individual. This is one of those things we would prefer to discuss with you directly!

However, you may need to take note:

  • static caravans and permanent occupancy – this is typically excluded as statics are defined as caravans used for a few weeks each year exclusively for recreational purposes;
  • all caravans – standard policies may not permit you to use them for the purposes of generating rental income unless special arrangements are made;
  • the age of your caravan may be a factor in certain types of exclusions;
  • contents cover under burglary may exclude unattended and unsecured theft, requiring instead that there is evidence of forced entry;
  • the use of your caravan for trade purposes might also be excluded.

There is, however, little point in worrying about exclusions that by definition won’t apply to you!

Instead, we will be only too pleased to highlight the specific major exclusions that would apply to a typical policy in your individual circumstances.