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FAQ – Can I choose the excess amount?

Yes you can, once you have agreed to the standard excess amount.

The excess amount is the first part of a claim that you agree to be liable for in the event that the claim is successful. Insurers see this as way of you “sharing the risk” of the caravan being damaged or stolen, as well as keeping premiums affordable.

It also means that smaller claims amounts are avoided, which could cost more than the claim amount itself in time and administration.

Most caravan insurance policies come with a standard excess – this will depend upon the insurer, but typically this will be around £100-£200 per claim. You can then opt to have a voluntary excess on top – for example, say £50. So, in the event of a successful claim, the amount you would get back would be less £250 (ie. the excess amount).

The higher excess amount you elect, then the lower your premiums will be as you are sharing more of the risk with the insurer.

You can refer to your policy documents  to see how much the standard excess is that you will be liable for in the event of a claim, or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to confirm.  Or check out your policy schedule where the excess amounts will be stated.