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FAQ – Do you insure Hobby caravans?

In a nutshell, yes we do!

The reason you are asking the question might indicate that you have previously had difficulty finding this type of cover or have heard from others that it is hard to find or expensive.

Here is just a word or two by way of background explanation.

Hobby caravans are made in Germany and have an industry-wide reputation for being extremely high quality items.  They typically tend to be very expensively equipped with top-quality fixtures and fittings.

That is why they are popular with many buyers but also, unfortunately, equally popular with thieves. That might mean that some insurance providers regard them as being at much higher risk of theft than many other makes.

To complicate matters a little further, although the position is changing a little, historically most hobby parts and components were manufactured in Germany meaning that they were relatively expensive to import. As a result, repair costs following accidents may have been considerably higher on a like-for-like basis than some other marques.

These two factors, taken together, were and to some extent remain a disincentive for some types of caravan insurance provider – with some of them actually declining to offer cover for Hobby caravans.

However, we are happy to offer cover for them though some policies in this area do contain one or two conditions that might be slightly different to those applicable in the case of other caravan manufacturers:

  • some policies may restrict cover to the UK mainland only;
  • there may be annual mileage restrictions;
  • there may be particular requirements relating to parking the caravan when in use and again over the closed winter season.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know more about Hobby caravan insurance.