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FAQ – Do you insure static caravans?

Yes, we do! At Cover4Caravans we have a wide range of holiday home insurance policies to protect your static home.

This means that before you accept the site owner’s insurance, you may wish to get your own quote, to see if you can get a more cost-attractive deal and / or more policy features and benefits.

If you do arrange your own insurance for your static home, your site owner may ask for proof of cover, as well as charge a modest admin fee. Many of our clients have reported that even after having paid an admin fee to their site owner, arranging their own cover has still saved them money – so why not get a free quote now?

Our static home insurance policies include:

  • flooding covered as standard (unless the site has had previous flooding, in which case we may be able to cover excluding flood damage);
  • cover for all post codes in the UK;
  • extended cover when hiring out your holiday home;
  • no age limits for owners – either upper or lower;
  • we give discounts for certain ages with one of our insurers – in fact, the older you are, the better!
  • new for old cover for static homes under 3 years of age and 5 years of age – regardless of the number of previous owners (Your sum insured MUST represent the current replacement cost);
  • for new business we offer a claim free discount and if you are a new static owner we will “mirror” no claims bonus from a motor or household policy
  • no age limit on the caravan BUT for old caravans it will be market value only as stated in the Glass’s Guide.

To get a quote, please click here, or call us freephone on 0800 9707 172.