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FAQ – How can I get a quote?

FAQ – How can I get a quote?

We take pride in our ability to deliver fast quotations to you and more importantly, ones that are suitable for your particular situation.

We know that different people like to communicate in different ways and not everyone, for example, is naturally comfortable with using the internet.

So, if you’d like to telephone us for a quotation we would welcome your call during office hours on:

0800 970 7172

That will be a completely free call and our team will be standing by waiting to help you complete your search for appropriate cover.

Of course, if you would prefer the simplicity and speed of the internet then we will be equally happy to deal with your enquiry through that channel. You will be taken directly to our quotations page by clicking here.

In order to help you with your enquiry and provide you with a speedy quotation, we will need to understand a few basic things about you and your caravan including:

  • the type and value of caravan you wish to cover;
  • how you plan to use it, over what distances and how frequently etc.;
  • where you live and where you plan to park it when it is not in use;
  • who will be towing or driving it if applicable;
  • where it is sited (for statics and park homes etc.);
  • what sort of contents you have in it and their value; etc.

There may be other questions specifically related to the type of caravan you are planning to insure and your own specific requirements in other areas.

Our quotation processes are simple and straightforward and our aim is to deliver you the facts and figures as soon as possible.

So, why not give us a try? We’d be grateful for the opportunity to show you just how attractive our quotations can be.