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FAQ – How do I make a claim?

Any claim you make will be handled by your insurance company’s claims department or possibly a claims agent they appointed to act on their behalf.

As such, Cover4Caravans doesn’t process your claim, however, we are committed to helping you progress through the procedures and your dedicated Account Handler will be more than happy to offer his or her assistance in the event you are unsure how to go forward.

We do not believe our responsibilities end at the time you purchase a policy and we will be with you every step of the way, if you need us to be, when you are processing your claim through the insurance company’s systems.

Inevitably, each individual claim is different and therefore offering general advice is difficult. There are though a few things that you may wish to keep in mind if you suffer an incident leading to the need to make a claim:

  • take digital photographs as soon as possible;
  • try to obtain witness statements from objective third parties – if appropriate;
  • if the problem involves a criminal activity, make sure that you report it to the local police and obtain a crime number confirming that you have done so. Do this immediately;
  • notify your insurance company’s claims process, as soon as possible, of your need to make a claim even if you do not have all the facts and figures to hand at the time;
  • keep copies of all receipts and quotations associated with any damage or loss etc.

The claims processes of insurance companies are typically designed in order to progress a claim to conclusion as fast as possible.

The insurance company may understandably wish to check certain aspects of the claim – this is not an indication that you are being singled out in any way, and just a normal part of the process.