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FAQ – How do I make changes to my Policy?

The mechanics of making a change to your policy couldn’t be easier. Simply call us FREE on: 0800 970 7172
Your dedicated Account Handler will make the changes for you.
However, it might be worth elaborating a little on the answer here and say a bit about why it is important that you keep us informed of any significant changes in your situation or that of your caravan.
When you purchase a policy, the insurance company will be offering you cover based upon information you have provided to them. From that information, they will form a view as to the degree of risk involved in offering you insurance protection and that in turn will lead to the calculation of the price for the policy (usually called its premium).
If anything significantly changes that might increase or decrease the risks potentially involved in offering you cover, then it is important they are reflected in your policy. If they aren’t because you didn’t notify us, then you may be at risk of parts of your cover becoming invalid and claims being rejected.
These could include things such as a refurbishment of your caravan, which increases its value; a change in where your caravan is sited / stored etc.
Of course, we don’t expect you to decide alone just what changes may or may not be worthy of notification to us and subsequently reflected in changes to your policy.
To play it safe, it is always better to call us to discuss something that has changed and then we can advise you what, if anything, are the implications of the change concerned.
In many cases, changes in your circumstances may be unimportant from an insurance cover point of view but it might be risky to assume that. A call to us is entirely free and it might help put your mind at rest.