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FAQ – How will I receive my policy?

After purchase, we know that many policyholders will want sight of their policy as soon as possible.

If you have purchased through our online facilities, then we’ll email you your policy documentation immediately. It doesn’t get any faster than that!

If you wish, we can also send a copy of the policy in the post to you as per conventional approaches.

For customers purchasing through our telephone service, the policy will be sent out first-class mail on the same day.

Of course, once your policy or copy policy is in the mail, we have no direct control over transit times but delivery the following day or following day+1 is the normal target. The post may be subject to delays during bank holiday weekends, Easter and more frequently, in the week or so before Christmas.

Once your cover is in place, it is in place. You won’t have to wait for the appropriate mail service to deliver the policy to you for cover to take effect.

Please don’t forget though that it is important that you notify us of any changes in your circumstances that might affect your policy’s definitions and cover.

One such example might be if you substantially overhauled your caravan and significantly increased its value or the nature and value of its contents. Another might be if you stopped storing it in a professional facility over the winter when you had previously done so and that assumption had been built into the policy.

If you’re ever in any doubt as to whether a change warrants notification or not – just call us to check!