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FAQ – I want to insure my static caravan for the first time – will I get a discount?

We make no apologies for the fact that we are always keen to welcome new customers and their new business.

In order to do so, we offer a number of financial incentives including:

  • if you are a new customer with a claims free history, we will offer you an introductory discount on your premium;
  • if you are the owner of a static caravan and currently have cover under your motor or household policies, we will mirror your existing no-claims bonus on the current policy.

As a successful caravan insurance business we, of course, recognise the need for cost-effective solutions.  Financially speaking, times are hard for many and price will always be important.

Even so, a lot of our new business is attracted as much by our expertise and knowledge of the marketplace, including the types of cover available and how they may match an individual caravanner’s requirements, as it is on the basis of attractive pricing.

On the same theme as above, we also do not apologise for reminding all potential new customers that should you need to make a claim against a policy, at that point the cost you have been paying for your policy will be of no importance whatsoever to you.  The only thing you will be interested in is the quality of the cover it provides and how well it fits the circumstances that are leading to you making a claim.

That is why we believe our specialisation and expert knowledge are both critically important – at least as much so as what we admittedly believe to be our keen prices.