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FAQ – If I have made a claim, can I still get cover?

The answer to this question depends very much upon your insurance provider.

Why claims matter

Insurance is all about covering risk and insurance providers need to assess the risk involved in any proposition before deciding whether or not to issue a policy and associated cover.  That degree of risk is also something that is taken into account when they quote.

Typically,  the higher the risk an insurer believes a proposition to be, then the more they might have to think about whether to cover it and if they do, how much extra they are going to charge for doing so.

In some cases, some policy providers may see a claim as evidence that the risks of insuring you are higher than they would be for people who have not claimed.  As a result, some may decline to even offer you a quotation once you say you have previously made a claim.


Here at Cover4Caravans we see things slightly differently.

It doesn’t matter how recently you have made a claim or how large that claim was, we will provide you with a quotation.  If you have made several claims, we may need to discuss a specific deal with you but we will still endeavour to find cover for you.

Thinking twice

However, the key message coming out of this is that it might be advisable to think carefully before making claims on a policy for relatively small amounts of money.

In view of the influence that may have on your future premiums or even the level of difficulty you may have in finding cover from some providers, it might in some cases be preferential to avoid making such a claim altogether.