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FAQ – If I renew with you, do I get a discount?

We believe in customer relationships rather than short-termism and for that reason, we will always recognise the commitment our customers are making when they renew with us.

So, yes, we will without reservation offer a renewal discount to all customers.

Of course, we like to believe that our customers stay with us for reasons other than simply the cost-effectiveness of the cover we are able to facilitate or things such as our annual renewal discount.

Having been established way back in 1946, we like to think that we are bringing an awful lot of expertise to the table – expertise that can be deployed to the benefit of our customers. Yes, that can be manifest in being able to find some of the most competitively priced options out there but perhaps more importantly, also in helping you to obtain cover which is suitable for your particular caravanning situation.

Whether you are talking about touring caravans, static caravans or park homes (etc.) we have the knowledge and market experience that one day might prove to be extremely important to you should you be in the position of needing to make a claim on a policy we have helped to provide.

In summary, yes, we are always extremely pleased to see our customers again and reward that with renewal discounts.  However, we like to think that our customers are equally pleased to be dealing with us on an on-going basis. If they are not, we would certainly like to hear about it as soon as possible!