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FAQ – Is continental cover included in my touring insurance?

The open roads, sunshine and different cuisines may all prove to be things that draw many British caravanners across the channel each year.

However, it’s important to note that not all policies offered by all providers will necessarily cover your caravan for leaving the UK or sometimes even the UK mainland.

As a result it is imperative, if you have a policy from another provider, you check to make sure what if anything it offers by way of continental European cover as standard.

The good news is that our policies all include, as a minimum, 240 days cover for European Union countries each year.

So, unless you are planning some exceptionally frequent and long-duration holidays over the period concerned, you should not have any need to worry about heading off on those ferries towards the south.

The only two points worth mentioning in this general context are:

  • make sure you do your research in advance as to the rules and regulations governing driving and caravanning in all the countries you will be visiting or transiting through.  Some continental police may be notably less understanding of transgressions than might typically be the case with police in the UK;
  • you should not plan to leave the European Union with your caravan unless you have discussed the matter with us in advance.  Crossing the border between, for example, Greece and Turkey or from Poland into Ukraine will typically require special discussion in relation to additional cover.

So, if you’re considering something a little bit more exotic in your European wanderings, we’d welcome your contact in advance to understand the position and to make some recommendations accordingly.