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FAQ – Is my tourer covered by my car insurance policy?

At Cover4Caravans we can’t really offer you detailed guidance as to what your car insurance policy does or does not offer.

That is something you would need to ascertain yourself by reading your policy or discussing the matter with your policy provider.

What follows is a general comment or two on the subject and it relates to what might be termed a typical situation:

  • your car insurance policy may provide third party public liability protection covering injuries or damage caused by your caravan whilst it’s being towed. This is typically a legal requirement;
  • as such, if your caravan caused damage in some sort of road traffic accident, third parties may progress action against you and any damages awarded together with legal costs should be dealt with under your car insurance policy;
  • if you have fully comprehensive car insurance, it is unlikely to cover any damage caused to your caravan during a road traffic accident. You should check that carefully;
  • your car policy will typically be most unlikely to offer cover for your tourer once it is no longer being towed. Things such as burglary, vandalism or acts of nature, won’t be covered unless you have caravan cover;
  • note that your car policy’s third party liability protection will typically only apply while your tourer is under tow. To extend that protection to situations where it is unhitched and being used, will require caravan insurance;
  • your caravan insurance’s third party liability typically won’t be valid in situations where it is under tow.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, we’ll gladly explain it further, so please feel free to get in touch..

The most important thing to remember is that the two policies are complementary to each other. You can’t replace one with the other.