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FAQ – What products do you provide?

As a company, we like to think that we provide a service rather than merely selling products. That’s important to us because it underlines our commitment to your satisfaction rather than just simply to our profitability.

However, we do of course offer a range of insurance products for different types of caravans. Just a sample of those would include:

  • touring caravans (we can also provide cover for German Hobby caravans – something that is not always available from standard policy providers);
  • static caravans;
  • trailer tents;
  • folding caravans (these are sometimes referred to a little inelegantly as a collapsible);
  • park homes (i.e. permanent occupation situations under qualifying circumstances);
  • mobile homes;
  • motor homes.

We also take very seriously our responsibility to help clarify things that may appear to be puzzling or confusing in the world of caravan insurance.

That’s why we are always keen to hear from our customers in situations where they are uncertain as to what a certain insurance term might mean or what type of cover would typically be suitable for them given their caravanning situation.

This advice might be invaluable, though of course we can only offer it in areas where our expertise qualifies us to do so. We would never claim to be experts in all aspects of caravanning – so probably won’t be able to say anything about whether caravan type A is better than caravan type B!

Your insurance policy may be all that stands between you and financial disaster one day – and that is something we never lose sight of.

That’s why we take our duties so seriously and why we would welcome the chance to work with you in helping you to obtain not only cost-effective cover but also a policy that provides you with the level of security you may need.