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FAQ – How do I find my caravan’s CRiS number?

The position is a little complicated and may depend upon the age of your caravan and to some extent, how you went about registering it.

Here is a hopefully succinct summary:

  • since 1992, all caravans manufactured by members of the National Caravan Council (NCC) will have had a 17 digit vehicle identification number firmly marked on their chassis and all windows;
  • these numbers are recorded by CRiS – The Caravan Registration identification Scheme;
  • since 1997, all NCC manufactured caravans will also have been electronically tagged;
  • in 1999, the scheme was expanded to allow the registration of pre-1992 caravans plus those that had been imported;
  • there is a range of other advanced registration systems that might also be used including things such as Silent Tracer;
  • if your caravan predates 1992, then it may or may not have a recorded CRiS number. That would depend upon whether previous owners had decided to join the scheme retrospectively;
  • of course, thieves have some fairly sophisticated methods at their disposal in order to remove or even falsify CRiS numbers on caravans.  If your caravan is post-1992 in manufacture and is UK manufactured, then if you cannot find the 17 digit number on the windows or on the chassis ‘A’ frame (or plate by the door)  then it may be cause for concern and further investigation;
  • if your caravan was never registered, for whatever reason, it is still possible to do so.

Remember that caravan theft is a serious problem and registration, plus the latest identification techniques, may make it difficult to steal in the first place and more easy to recover if it is.