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FAQ – I am over 80 and have a static caravan – will you insure me?

The simple and direct answer is, yes we will!

Not only that but in certain situations we might even be able to offer you a discount.

As you may already have discovered, that approach is by no means commonplace across the caravan insurance industry.

Some providers may feel that caravan owners above or below a certain age constitute a higher than acceptable risk and so decline to cover them. This may appear odd, given that hopefully increased wisdom comes with increased age and older owners may be far less prone to carelessness or reckless risk-taking than younger people.

However, we can’t answer for the business approaches of others – all we can do is to confirm that we would welcome your business and the opportunity to issue you with a quotation.

Of course, all insurance policies contain terms and conditions and whether you are 18 or 80, it only makes sense to read them carefully to be sure that they are in line with your expectations and requirements.

So, why not take this opportunity now to get a static caravan quotation for your age and you might just put your mind at rest.