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FAQ – Is my main home covered if I am away on a prolonged caravan trip?

Most home insurance policies will be drawn up based on the assumption that from time to time the property they cover may be standing empty.

Typically this may be due to the tenants or owners being on holiday, away on business or perhaps even in hospital. Many standard home cover policies may specify a maximum number of consecutive days (typically 30 though not all policies are the same) where cover will be maintained in the event the property is unoccupied.

This period may be more than enough in the majority of cases.

If you are a keen caravanner though you may wish to take advantage of the fact that taking your accommodation with you might give you the freedom to prolong your holiday beyond the maximum limit specified by your home insurance.

So once you have:

  • checked that your caravan is fully roadworthy and equipped for your trip;
  • satisfied yourself that your caravan insurance is up to date and covers you for the trip you are proposing  (has adequate European cover if you are crossing the channel);
  • cast an eye over your home policy so that you are fully aware  of when your standard policy lapses;
  • if necessary, contact your insurer to arrange unoccupied property insurance if your holiday is going to take you over the specified limit.

The last thing you may need when you return from your extended caravanning break is the hassle of trying to deal with a claim on a home policy which unfortunately expired while you were away!

So, be prepared.