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Answering your questions on touring caravan insurance UK cover

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have on aspects of your caravan insurance.  Here are some commonly heard queries relating to touring caravan insurance UK cover and other related subjects.

Is touring caravan insurance cover only valid for the United Kingdom?

In practice, it may be difficult to tell precisely what cover is provided by a policy just by looking at what it is called.  It may be necessary to read the detail to be clear as to exactly what cover is or is not provided

Some policies calling themselves touring caravan insurance UK cover policies, may indeed only provide insurance for touring caravans that are used within the United Kingdom. Even there, you may encounter some varying definitions, as some policies may only cover caravans used on the UK mainland – thereby excluding offshore islands and Northern Ireland etc.

By contrast, some policies may also provide elements of continental touring cover.

Who can tow my touring caravan?

Once again, you may need to study your policy to find the precise answer.

Different policies may have very different statements on the subject. Some may, for example, require that towing drivers are over a specified minimum age and have held a full license for a specified minimum period of time.

Can I park my tourer wherever I wish?

At the risk of sounding repetitious, again, you will need to check your policy.

Some policies may contain conditions relating to acceptable overnight parking locations when in use.  You may also find that some policies may encourage responsible overnight parking when not in use, by offering discounts if you are able to securely garage your caravan at such times (particularly over the winter months).

Can I get my contents insured?

Typically, yes you can.

You may encounter some restrictions on the nature of certain items that can be covered, for example, things such as cash, high-value jewellery or certain types of electronic gadget, may not be included under some policies.

Do site owners require evidence of insurance?

They may do.

They may be looking to see that you have appropriate third party liability cover.

In the case of a touring caravan, insure it and you may find that you are covered for third party liability as standard (but remember to satisfy yourself that the third party liability cover is adequate).

Is all touring caravan insurance similar?

No, not necessarily.

As some of the above answers may have indicated, there may be significant differences between policies providing touring caravan insurance UK cover.  Some of those differences may be relatively minor but some may be more fundamental.  Choosing a suitable policy for your individual circumstances is important.