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Can Members Of Caravan Clubs Get Insurance Quotes At A Discount?

If you are a member of a caravan club, insurance quotes may be available at a discount from specialist providers such as ourselves. Looking for cover may only take you a few minutes. Typically, all you may need to in order to get a caravan insurance quote are details of your:

  • name;
  • address;
  • age;
  • make, model and age of caravan;
  • value of cover required;
  • details of the site history; and

Filling in these details correctly may be important because if an insurer discovered that any of the information that you have given is false, they may refuse to pay out in the event of a claim.

Getting hold of the quotes

If you are a member of a caravan club who wants insurance quotes, it may make sense to compare caravan cover to ensure that you choose the most suitable deal for you. In a price conscious environment, many of us are counting the pennies!

However, cost may not be the only thing to watch out for. You may also wish to take other factors into account such as:

  • discounts that may be available (such as the previously mentioned caravan club member insurance discounts);
  • the level of cover that may be offered; and
  • how easy it is to contact your provider in the event of a claim.


Members of caravan clubs may get insurance quotes at a discount for a number of reasons, including as a reward for your responsible behaviour on another policy.

Think of it from the insurer’s point of view: if you have not claimed on your home or motor policy, they may assume that you are a careful person who may be unlikely to claim on their caravan cover.

Speaking of responsible behaviour, have you fitted all of the security devices to the caravan that you can? Wheel clamps and hitchlocks may be the bare minimum that insurers may require, but do you know what else may be available?

Some touring caravan owners may fit their caravans with tracking devices, which can be tracked if the caravan is stolen. These trackers may be located and help the police to recover stolen caravans.

If you do fit one, do make sure that you make sure that there is enough charge in the battery to allow it to operate. Likewise, you may wish to make sure that the tracker system works in any foreign countries that you may intend to visit.

Finally, if you do install a tracker, don’t forget to tell your insurer. Sometimes members of caravan clubs may get even more attractive insurance quotes if they have taken extra security precautions.