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Membership Of A Caravan Club And Motorhome Insurance – Do You Need It?

If you have a motorhome, you may have become used to your holidays on the open road, free from the stresses and trappings of modern life. So why do you need to bother with membership of a caravan club, and motorhome insurance?

Both of these can be important. First of all, let’s look at motorhome cover.

Insurance for your motorhome

Under UK Law, you are legally obliged to have insurance for your motorhome to cover at least third party liability. This is designed to pay out in the event of your vehicle damaging someone else’s property or causing injury.

However it may make sense to take out more comprehensive insurance in order to protect your caravan – after all, it probably cost you a great deal of money. Perhaps the question you really need to ask yourself is how you would pay for a replacement motorhome if yours was stolen, burnt out or damaged in a storm or flood. Would you be able to afford to replace your motorhome out of your own pocket? Or would you just have to go without a holiday for several years while you saved up?

The solution may be caravan insurance cover.

Just like touring caravan insurance and static caravan cover, motorhome insurance may provide cover for exactly this sort of scenario. Apart from the cover itself, knowing that you have made this provision may give you peace of mind, which may be priceless!

Caravan club membership

There are several caravan clubs in the UK, and becoming a member of one typically gives you access to membership discounts and special services. You will also find that some caravan insurance providers – such as ourselves – will reward you with discounted premiums if you are a caravan club member.

So, combining membership of a caravan club with motorhome insurance could see you enjoy discounted insurance, caravan club membership deals, and the sense of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals.

Getting covered

When you start looking for a quote, you may wish to have all of the information you need in front of you so that you can give over all the details an insurer needs to know about you and your motorhome.

When applying for cover online, don’t forget to tick the box that asks whether you are a member of a caravan club to ensure you get any discount you may be entitled to.

Comparing quotes

Comparing caravan insurance quotes may not be as simple as comparing prices. After all, no two discount-led insurance policies are likely to be the same, so you may wish to see how policies measure up in terms of:

  • the risks that may be covered (although many insurers may share similar risk lists which may typically include fire, flood, storm and earthquakes);
  • what the cover entails.

So, if you want make sure your motorhome is adequately covered against the unexpected as well as enjoy the benefits offered by belonging to a caravanning organisation, then maybe now is the time to look at membership of a caravan club and motorhome insurance!