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Caravan Insurance FAQs

Here are some of the questions that we are frequently asked on caravan insurance.

Is caravan insurance mandatory?

In most typical situations, no, but there may be some exceptions:

• if you have used some form of purchase finance, the lenders may have included a condition in the contract that requires you to maintain full replacement value insurance on the caravan;

• if you have a motorhome, the law may require that it has at least third party liability cover as a legal minimum;

• some site owners may understandably include, as part of your contract, the requirement for your caravan to have third party liability insurance (though they may have no right to insist that you purchase it from them).

Of course, even if it is not mandatory, you may wish to ask whether it would be sensible to leave your caravan uninsured!

Where can I find the cheapest caravan insurance?

We understand the financial pressures that some policyholders are under and will always help you look for cost-effective solutions, however, simply searching for the cheapest possible policy may not always be advisable.

It may be risky to disregard the quality of cover provided simply to try and find the absolute cheapest insurance that you can.

What touring caravan insurance is provided by my car insurance?

It is always important to read an individual policy to answer this type of question, as generalities might be misleading.

Even so, typically your car insurance may include third party liability cover for your caravan while it is being driven on the public highway. It may not do so once your caravan is unhitched and on-site.

It may be unlikely to offer any form of cover for your caravan itself or its contents – which is why touring caravan insurance exists and might prove to be important to you.

Can I take my caravan outside of the UK?

Speaking purely from an insurance point of view, yes you can, providing that your policy offers appropriate cover.

Note that continental driving cover may be subject to significant differences of interpretation between policies and it is important to select cover that matches your planned use.

We will gladly clarify this further if you so require.

Can I park my caravan whenever I wish?

Taken literally, that may be unlikely.

Whatever type of caravan you have, your policy may contain certain requirements in terms of responsible behaviour surrounding its location.

So, for example, in the case of a touring caravan, some policies may not allow you simply to unhitch it and leave it in a public road lay-by whilst you go off and do other things. Equally, some static caravan insurance may require that your site is supervised and connected to mains services etc.

If you require any help or assistance with your caravan cover, please feel free to get in touch – we will be only too pleased to help!