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Can I Get My Static Caravan Contents Insured?

Of course. Our Static Caravan Insurance offers the facility to include the contents of your Static Caravan up to a maximum sum insured of £3,000 but this cannot exceed 20% of the value of your static caravan, so if your static caravan is only worth £2,000 the maximum contents amount you could insure for is £400.00.

This cover will insure items such as your personal effects, clothing, luggage, audio visual equipment etc.

The single article limit is £100.00 unless you specify a particular item.

We will not offer cover items such as computers, laptops, mobile telephones etc.

A lot of people forget to include contents cover within their Static Caravan Insurance but it is always surprising how many contents you actually leave in your Static Caravan.

The cost of replacing your clothing, bedding, cutlery etc in the event of a major claim will soon add up – can you really afford not to insure them?

Our Static caravan Insurance team are here to assist you so feel free to discuss with them the options we have for including your contents under your Static Caravan Insurance Policy.