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Holiday caravan insurance – frequently asked questions

Here are some sample questions and answers as they occur in the context of holiday caravan insurance.


How many types of caravan insurance are there?

There are several, typically including a type of policy for each of the classic caravan categories.

These may include:

  • touring caravans;
  • statics:
  • motorhomes; etc.

Occasionally, it may not always be clear to you which category your particular caravan comes into and if that is the case, insurance providers will typically be happy to respond to any questions you might have on the subject.


Do prices vary much?

Yes, they may vary considerably between policies.

Perhaps more importantly, the cover provided may also vary considerably and that is why it might be advisable to conduct your search for insurance for caravans online with an initial focus on the quality of protection provided rather than simply looking for the lowest ticket price you can see.


Isn’t it easiest simply to use the site owner’s cover?

These days, obtaining your own insurance cover is typically easy.

Some site owners may attempt to push hard for their own policy, which may be understandable as they may have a commercial interest in so doing.  Their policies may offer appropriate cover but it may equally not be the most cost-effective deal for you.

It might be wise to evaluate it against other options.


Will my caravan insurance cover me against all risks?

It is typically commonplace for an insurance policy to contain some exclusions as well as a set of standard terms and conditions.

It may be unlikely that any policy will cover every single possible circumstance and every potential issue, irrespective of their origins and background etc.

Once again, it is advisable to take time to compare one policy against another in order to find one that appears to be suited to your situation.


What happens if I let out my caravan to someone else?

Your caravan insurance policy may not cover, as standard, the use of your caravan for the purposes of income generation.

You may find that if you do so, any existing holiday caravan insurance you have may become invalid. It would be sensible to check with your insurance provider in advance.