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What May Influence The Caravan Insurance Price?

The caravan insurance price may not be the be all and end all when it comes to selecting a suitable policy for your precious asset. You may also need to take into consideration just exactly what a particular policy offers in the way of protection.

However, getting the right balance of cover and cost may be made a little bit easier by making the most of policies that may offer discounted premiums in certain circumstances.

For example:

  • being a member of a caravan club may be regarded by many insurers as a sign of maturity and responsibility, which may indicate a more careful approach – being able to benefit from the shared experiences of other club members can also be a risk reducing bonus. So some insurers offer caravan club insurance discounts;
  • if you can avoid having younger drivers insured on your policy then you may avoid having to pay (through your caravan insurance price) for the increased risks that their inexperience may bring;
  • parking your caravan off of the public highway in your drive or garage can help reduce incidents of damage from passing cars, vandals etc;
  • fitting security alarms may help keep your caravan safer by deterring thieves or burglars – you may wish to note that different insurance providers may prefer different makes of system;
  • moving your caravan to a CaSSOA secure site over the winter;
  • if you enjoy continental caravanning, then opting for a policy that incorporates European cover (also called continental cover) as standard may make sense.

In addition to these potential savings, there may be terms and conditions attached to many policies which reduce risk and which, in turn, may therefore help to keep down your caravan insurance price.

These will typically be detailed by a caravan insurance quotation but may include things such as:

  • requiring that awnings are stored away when you are not in the caravan to reduce the risk of storm damage;
  • stipulating that your tourer may need to be secured to an unattended towing vehicle with a hitchlock and that a wheel clamp and the hitchlock may be required when the caravan in unattached.

You may not have much control over accidents that could happen to your caravan.

As a responsible caravan owner, however, by knowing where savings can be made without compromising on the level of cover provided, you can play some role in helping to keep your caravan insurance price as attractive as possible.