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Checking Out Caravan Hire Insurance

If you’re letting out your caravan, it might be a good idea to take just a few minutes to think about caravan hire insurance.

Not complicated

To start with, it’s advisable to check with your insurance provider as to what the implications are – or consult the policy documentation.

The good news is that for static caravans, the insurance implications may be less severe than you imagine.

However, the issues for tourers and motorhomes may be rather more complicated.

In fact, typical touring caravan insurance or motorhome insurance may specifically exclude the use of the vehicle by anyone other than you and your immediate family.

As a general rule with static caravan hire insurance, you may find that you are covered for some risks exactly as you would be if you were using the caravan yourself.

This may include cover for people on or around the caravan who are injured by it and who, as a result, take legal action against you. This is sometimes called third party liability protection – though this may not cover their possessions.

Some issues to consider

You may find though that some policies that would normally cover your possessions against theft will not do so if any theft or vandalism is attributable to the people you have rented the static caravan out to.

How you deal with that is, of course, up to you. Many owners are very cautious and check out potential renters carefully before renting to them, unless they already know them to be trustworthy. That may involve id checks and receiving proof of address etc.

It may also be possible to ask for security deposits to protect your financial interests ‘just in case’.

If you have recently acquired your static with the intention of occasionally renting it out, it might be worth keeping in mind that there are a few ways in which you typically can reduce your static caravan insurance costs through discounts.

This includes:

  • making sure your caravan is located on a secure and approved site;
  • using alarms and other additional security and anti-theft devices;
  • joining a recognised owners’ club;
  • not keeping it on a site known for being flood-prone.

Caravan hire insurance for statics is therefore relatively straightforward and hopefully will help you rent out without losing lots of sleep due to worry!