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Choosing Your Best Caravan Insurance

If you buy what you think is the best caravan insurance, it may provide you with the cover that you may feel is essential to adequately protect the investment you have made in your caravan whether it is a tourer, static or motorhome etc.

Unless you shop around a bit though, you may not be sure that the deal you got is actually the best or the most cost effective available.

There are specialist providers of caravan insurance on the internet such as ourselves and you may be able to have access to a wide range of touring, park and motor home plus static caravan insurance products. These may typically be able to help you find what you consider to be the best caravan insurance to suit your requirements and your pocket.

At Cover4caravans we recognise that everyone is different and that what is the best caravan insurance for one caravan owner may not be best for another.

Our policies may, therefore, place different emphasis on different aspects of cover, which may strike a chord with you but not be regarded by another caravan owner as being particularly important.

Reading through the detail of what a particular policy provides may therefore be important before you decide which policy to buy. Alternatively, you can always give us a call if you are unsure as to what the caravan cover offers or if you need any guidance.

You may, for example, find:

  • some policies where there is new for old cover for caravans up to five years old, provided you have been the only owner (some policies may have a three year limit);
  • that some providers may try to encourage you to take some basic security precautions for your tourer by requiring the use of wheel clamps and a hitchlock in circumstances were you are not present at your caravan;
  • similarly, if you have an awning, some policies may not cover damage to it caused by storms if you were absent at the time – perhaps encouraging you to stow it away when you are not there;
  • that while cover for awnings may be provided, belongings that you keep under it, apart for garden type furniture, may not be covered at all.

Finally, unlike ourselves, not all providers of caravan insurance may cover Hobby caravans. So, if you have a caravan of this make, even the best of the best caravan insurance may be of no interest to you if you cannot insure your Hobby with it.