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Continental Cover

Continental Cover when travelling abroad is vital, touring caravan insurance provided by Cover4Caravans offers flexible caravan insurance online which will include up to 240 continental cover for your touring caravan.

We have put together a brief guide to taking your touring caravan onto the continent, read on for all the details.

Caravanners who wish to take their caravan to the continent should be aware of some differences between caravanning in Europe and caravanning in the British countryside.

Firstly you must ensure that you have adequate continental cover included in your Touring Caravan Insurance.

First-time continental caravanners will be most likely to opt for somewhere quite close to home, such as France.

Once you have ensured that you have continental cover included on your Touring Caravan Insurance and while it may seem obvious to take your passport, there are a number of other documents that caravanners should take with them.

A Camping Card International can be left at caravan parks as a form of identity while an ACSI card is useful if you intend to use discounted campsite schemes. If you hold campsite booking confirmation, it is important to take this as well as car and caravan insurance documents which are valid for EU travel.

If using the Eurotunnel, you must close and seal your LPG bottle valves and open the roof vents before embarking, while LPG-powered vehicles will have to use the ferry. Spare petrol cans are not allowed either on ferries or the Eurotunnel.

Although you should fill up on fuel before crossing the channel, cheap petrol can be found at French supermarkets although it is advisable to carry euros should you need to top up as some shops do not accept UK cards and be aware that most petrol stations close on Sundays.

Caravanners should be aware that vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes or longer than seven metres must legally leave a gap of 50 metres from the vehicle in front on French roads and may only use the two right-hand lanes on roads with three or more channels. And of course the French drive on the right and speed limit signs will be in kilometres per hour, although the limit tends to be 50 kph on most roads and 130 kph for dry driving on motorways.

While Cover4Caravans’ Touring Caravan Insurance will protect you in the event of theft because of our extensive continental cover, it is recommended that caravanners stay on an official campsite rather than using motorway service areas or ‘aires de services’ rest stops overnight in France as they are well known as targets for caravan thieves. Most French towns have a ‘camping municipal’ campsite run by the mayor, at which pre-booking is usually not necessary.

As regards camping kit, a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit are legal requirements in many European countries. While Calor Gas is not available on the continent, Campinggaz can be bought in France with a deposit and caravanners should buy an appropriate pressure regulator. To use electrical items, caravanners may need a continental two-pin adaptor plug.

In our experience many caravanners travel onto the continent without the required continental cover for their Touring Caravan, remember that your Touring Caravan Insurance Policy with Cover4Caravans will include 240 days of continental cover.

You must also ensure that your Motor Insurers have been advised that you are traveling abroad, many now include automatic continental cover but some insurers still insist upon issuing a “Green Card” for travel abroad.