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I Live In My Static Caravan – Can Cover4 Help Me?

At the time of writing this web page, September 2008, our Static Caravan Insurance will not provide cover for caravans which are your permanent place of residency.

The Static Caravan Insurance product we have developed has been designed for holiday homes not family homes, generally our maximum sum insured for the buildings and contents are not high enough to offer adequate cover for these types of Static caravan or Park Homes as they are more commonly referred to as.

If you are living in your Static caravan there is more extensive levels of cover you should be seeking which are usually found in a normal home insurance rather than a Static Caravan Insurance Policy.

If you fail to disclose the proper use of your Static caravan you may prejudice your position in the event of claim which may result in your claim not being paid and your policy cover being voided – not a pleasant option if your home has just been burnt down!

If you are unsure of your status simply call our Static Caravan Insurance team for free on 0800 970 7172 and discuss your individual requirements – we are here to help and our advice is free of charge and so is the call!