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Why do Cover4Caravans support CaSSOA?

Cover4Caravans offers generous discounts for Caravan CaSSOA storage sites.

The reason for offering these discounts for Caravan CaSSOA Storage sites is simple.

If your Caravan is stored at a CaSSOA Storage Site then it has been statistically proven that it is less likely to be stolen or suffer damage by vandals or by any accidental means.

Therefore our panel of insurers have agreed to offer Caravan CaSSOA Storage Site discounts to reflect upon this reduction in risk.

To make it easier for us to apply the correct discount for your Caravan CaSSOA Storage Site we have a full list of all Caravan CaSSOA Storage Sites on our online quotation request form – all you need to is chose your Caravan CaSSOA Storage site from the list and we will apply the correct discount.

Cover4Caravans is a also a member of CaSSOA as we believe it is important to show our support to this organisation.

Our Caravan CaSSOA Site discounts can be as high as 15% so it is always worth your while choosing the correct site from our list.

Should you require any information regarding Caravan CaSSOA Storage sites please click through to our Links page where you can find the link to the official CaSSOA web site which includes a full list of all the Caravan CaSSOA Storage Sites.