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Why Use A Caravan Insurance Broker?

If you are on the point of buying caravan insurance either for the first time or as a renewal, you may be thinking about using the services of a caravan insurance broker.

What Do Brokers Do?

A caravan insurance broker, such as ourselves at Cover4caravans, may be able to help you find the most suitable policy by using a panel of specialist caravan insurance providers to select caravan cover that meets your needs and your budget.

Typically we can:

  • do the searching around for you;
  • use our specialist knowledge;
  • match your caravan insurance requirements against the available caravan products.

In all likelihood, the choices presented may contain a number of differences.

While the most obvious difference at first glance is likely to be price, it may be safe to assume that the differences in price will bear some relation to the level of cover being offered.

That is because different insurance providers will view elements of risk differently. This will have a direct influence on their:

  • pricing structures;
  • terms and conditions;
  • what they include or exclude from their policies;
  • discounts offered for commonsense security precautions or good caravanning practice.

A couple of examples

If you have a touring caravan, then to try and reduce the risk from theft. Some policies may require that you use both hitchlocks and wheel clamps.

Others may insist that your awning is safely stowed when you are not in your caravan – otherwise storm damage to the awning may not be covered.

You may find that discounts are available if you, for example:

  • fit approved locks and alarms in your caravan;
  • don’t use a site with a history of flooding;
  • belong to a recognised caravan club.

Global Picture

To get the most appropriate insurance cover for your caravan, you may need to decide what aspects of insurance cover you would be happy to do without to economise on price and which aspects you would be happy to pay a bit more for to get cover that you feel to be essential.

You then have to match your list against the broker’s selection.

Using a caravan insurance broker may make the job of finding suitable cover for your caravan that bit easier. As part of our service we can offer online quotes and/or telephone help and advice to help you find the most suitable caravan cover for you, so why not try us out today?