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Finding Caravan Insurance

If you are about to renew your caravan insurance, then your first inclination may be to just pay for another year’s cover with your existing insurer.

You may think that the great deal you got for your caravan insurance last year or even before, still provides the most suitable cover for you.

It may well do – but on the other hand it may not.

The point is that if you don’t take a look at what’s happening in the insurance marketplace every now and again, you won’t know how things have changed. It may be that your missing out and possibly paying more than you need to for the insurance for your caravan.

Sharing the risks

Taking the approach that you just buy your insurance and let the company take all the risks may be one way of doing things but it may not be the most cost effective for you in the long run.

You may find, for example, that some insurance providers actively encourage caravan owners to take some responsibility themselves for keeping their caravan safe. They may offer discounts if certain measures are taken.

These might include:

  • parking your caravan off road when it is not in use;
  • fitting certain approved tracking and security devices;
  • moving your caravan to an approved safe site over the winter;
  • (if you have a motorhome) not covering younger drivers on your policy.

Some providers may even go one step further and make the use of certain security features to help deter thieves, mandatory as part of the terms and conditions of their cover.

So, for example, you may need:

  • to fit a hitchlock when your caravan is connected to your vehicle;
  • and a wheel clamp when it is unattached.

Steps like this could at first glance seem a bit of an imposition, but you may soon come to appreciate the benefits of improved security and greater peace of mind.

You may find if you look at the websites of some of the specialist caravan cover providers such as ourselves that a lot may have changed in recent years. There may now be some competiviely-priced and benefit-laden caravan insurance deals to be had so it may be worth making sure you don’t miss out!