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Looking For An Online Caravan Insurance Quote

If you have been thinking to yourself “I must insure my caravan” then you may also have been wondering just how easy it is to get an online caravan insurance quote.

The good news is that it is typically very easy indeed!

Caravan insurance

Caravan insurance policies typically provide insurance for the various major categories of caravanning and recreational accommodation.

Sometimes the terminology may vary a little but typically insurers will use designations such as tourer, static, motorhome, park home or trailer tent to describe the caravan types involved.

Obviously, if you are looking for an online caravan insurance quote, you’ll need to know the caravan type you have (or are thinking about purchasing) plus some additional details relating to things like the insurance value of your contents etc.

Your caravan insurance policy will typically provide cover for the vehicle itself, your contents and fixtures plus, in some cases, third party liability.

Looking carefully

As you may appreciate, different policies may provide different elements of cover and it’s important that you are confident you have a policy that meets your particular circumstances and requirements.

It’s also worth checking to ensure that any terms, conditions and exclusions on the policy are acceptable to you and are ones that you could live with.

Although the availability of an online caravan insurance quote system offers you potentially huge advantages in terms of ease and speed, the slight risk of this encouraging you to move too quickly, may need to be guarded against.

Static caravan issues

If you have a static caravan, you may wish to note that although some site owners may push you strongly to take their insurance, it may prove to be far more cost-effective to use your own.

That’s even if you have to pay the site owner an administration fee for doing so.

Motorhomes and tourers

You may be able to get a more cost-effective online caravan insurance quote if you do not try to insure young or inexperienced drivers for these types of caravans. In fact, some policies may have obligatory minimum age requirements to drive/tow a caravan.

Park homes

A park home is different to a static caravan in insurance terms.

The park home sits on a local authority approved site which is authorised to be used for permanent residency. It is normally your full-time place of domicile.

By contrast, a static caravan is used for a few weeks or months each year for recreational purposes only.

The insurance for the two forms of accommodation is different and typically not interchangeable.

The quotation

Once you have your online caravan insurance quote, try to remember that it may be more important to concentrate initially on the cover it is providing than on the price. Cheap caravan cover may not be of much use to you if it does not provide the cover you need.