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Maintaining Your Touring Caravan

Did you know that all Touring Caravan Insurance policies have a general condition that you must maintain your Touring Caravan in a sound, roadworthy condition and you should keep it in good repair?

It does not necessarily mean you have to pay an approved centre to maintain it you just need to ensure that you do.

Here at Cover4Caravans we have seen few claims refused under this condition but we have seen payments reduced for the following reasons: –

  • Bald Tyres which caused a blow out.
  • Damaged interiors which subsequently reduced the claim settlement.
  • Poor maintenance of gas appliance which contributed to a fire.
  • Pre existing damage which reduced the claim payment

The majority of our Touring Caravan Insurance customers do ensure their Touring Caravan is well looked after and maintained but even the keenest Touring Caravan enthusiast can forget to check the tread on the tyres or the pressure.

If you have any concerns regarding this issue you should speak to one of our Touring Caravan Insurance experts and we will try our best to help you, failing that you should seek expert advice from one of the many Touring Caravan Service centres based throughout the UK.

Do not prejudice your position my failing to maintain your touring caravan properly and additionally do not put your family risk by failing to do so.