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Making A Caravan Insurance Comparison

Making a caravan insurance comparison isn’t just an academic exercise.

It may prove to be critically important in terms of ensuring that you have suitable cover and at an appropriate price.

The key elements

If you have a caravan, it may be helpful to think about your risks as coming into a number of basic categories:

  • theft of your property – be that the caravan itself, its internal/external fixtures or your contents;
  • damage to your caravan or your possessions as outlined above;
  • injuries or damage you cause to others through the use of your caravan (often referred to as third-party public liability).

Of course, this isn’t a fully comprehensive list.

Only you can really decide the detail of the risks you’re exposed to, as this will vary depending upon your caravan and how you use it.

What is important is that you understand the risks because they will form the basis of your caravan insurance comparison.

Comparing like to like

There’s an old saying that you can’t compare apples and pears.

That’s certainly true in the case of caravan insurance cover.

For example, one particular policy may be a little more expensive than another – but if it offers new-for-old as opposed to market value contents replacement, then comparing on price alone may be flawed.

If you are trying to perform a caravan insurance comparison, a useful process might be to:

  • think about the minimum levels of cover you need;
  • identify how the competing caravan insurance options stack-up against your list of requirements;
  • look at how you can manipulate things to your advantage (such as obtaining discounts on your premium by adopting additional security measures etc);
  • consider the price (of course!).

Customer service

Don’t forget to look at the customer service side of things too – if your insurance provider is only contactable via email or post, or their telephone number is hidden away within their website, making contact with them if you have a policy query or in the event of a claim may be difficult.

Choosing a provider whose online service is backed up with a dedicated team (such as ourselves) may give you the peace of mind of knowing that you will have someone to speak to if you need to.

In summary, performing a caravan insurance comparison isn’t a particularly onerous task and it might help you suitable, competitively-priced cover. Getting started might be a good idea and we can help every step of the way, if you wish!