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Overseas Touring Caravan Insurance Considerations

If you enjoy taking your tourer out of the UK, then ensuring you have the most suitable overseas touring caravan insurance that also includes European cover may be very important to you.

There are a number of things you may need to think about to ensure you and your tourer are adequately protected – here we have summarised some of the key considerations.

Why special insurance may be required when caravanning overseas

First of all, if you travel abroad, a UK-only touring insurance policy will obviously not be suitable – continental caravan insurance may typically be needed.

And even if your existing tourer caravan insurance does provide European cover, it may be sensible to check that your policy provides the most suitable level of continental cover (some policies may limit the number of days a year that the caravan can be driven overseas, for example).

Do also read the overseas touring caravan insurance policy carefully as to what countries/areas are covered. Some may restrict cover to countries of the European Union, which although today incorporates much of Western Europe, does not include Switzerland and parts of Eastern Europe.

Overseas caravan cover – why may the policy cost more?

Insurance providers typically regard driving overseas as potentially being higher risk, which may be due to you:

  • driving on the other side of the road in traffic conditions and situations that you are not familiar with;
  • potentially heading to rural and isolated sites where perhaps there may be a slightly higher risk of some forms of crime such as burglary etc;
  • driving further than would be the norm in your UK expeditions.

This means that having special insurance in place may usually be required, which may also increase the cost of your caravan cover a little (if it is not included as standard).

Caravan breakdown cover

Finally, when reviewing your overseas touring caravan insurance, don’t forget to think about breakdown cover too. It may be advisable to look for caravan breakdown cover that includes the option for temporary accommodation should your tourer need to be taken away for repair etc.

As you can see, there may be quite a bit to think about. Of course, if you are planning to travel outside of the UK with your tourer and are unsure whether you are covered under your overseas touring caravan insurance policy, please do get in touch with us for any clarification – we are always glad to help!