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Park Home Insurance FAQs

If you have ever wondered about park home insurance, you may find some of the answers below.

Why is park home insurance different to static caravan cover?

A park home is one that you may regard as your permanent dwelling place and home. By contrast, a static caravan is occupied for a few weeks a year for holiday and recreational purposes, which you may well let out to guests.

The risk profiles of the two types of structure are significantly different and you therefore might need different insurance protection in each situation.

Is park home cover more expensive than static cover?

This is a potentially very misleading road to start heading down because you are trying to compare the cost of two things that are fundamentally different.

It may be that typically, park home insurance may appear to cost more than static caravan cover but this is not meaningful because you typically cannot use static caravan insurance to cover a park home.

Is it just how often I occupy my caravan that makes it a static or park home?

No. Your insurance provider may have a range of other definition characteristics including those that might state what facilities your park home site must have before your property would qualify for park home insurance.

Note that simply living in a static caravan on a permanent basis (which, incidentally, may invalidate your static insurance cover) does not mean that it is a park home.

Can I let out my park home during the holiday season?

A standard park home insurance policy may be unlikely to support such use, as that would essentially constitute the commercial use of your property and turn you into a de facto landlord.

You may also find that, under the terms of your park home site contract, that you are not permitted to let out your home.

There are a number of potentially complex issues here and if this is something you are considering, it may be easier for us to discuss this with you on a specific case basis.

Is it better to take the site owner’s insurance?

We always try to be totally unbiased and of course, if the site owner offers excellent cover and at a cost-effective price, then you may wish to pursue that option.

On the other hand, you may be unlikely to know one way or another unless you take the trouble to compare their insurance offering against alternative options in the open insurance marketplace.