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Reading Between The Lines Of Cheap Caravan Insurance Quotes

Getting hold of cheap caravan insurance quotes may not, in itself, be difficult. What might be more challenging is trying to interpret them.

The outset

It is worth noting that two things typically apply here:

  • what is cheap for someone else may not be cheap for you;
  • in some cases, there may be a relationship between the cost of a policy and the breadth of cover it provides.

What this means is that it is important to look carefully at the cover provided by a policy (whether or not it describes itself as being cheap) and then to see how it matches your situation – a set of circumstances that will typically be unique to you.

Don’t forget also that some of the cost examples cited in some ‘cheap caravan insurance quotes’ ads, typically carry a little asterisk after them saying something to the effect of “subject to status”.

What that may indicate is that the price quoted is based very much upon a typical-case scenario – and one that may not apply to you.

A technique

One way to evaluate caravan insurance quotes is to think about some of the things you’ll typically get ‘as standard’ with our service:

  • a quotation even if you’ve previously had claims against a caravan insurance policy;
  • a new for old replacement of your caravan (under qualifying circumstances) if it is up to 3 years old – no matter how many previous owners it may have had;
  • a new for old replacement of your caravan if it is up to 5 years old and you have been the sole owner.

This sort of protection may be something you deem to be important – and if it’s not available on a policy describing itself as ‘cheap’, then you may wish to consider whether or not such a policy would be suitable for you.


Perhaps the single most important thing, when evaluating quotations for caravan insurance, is that you take the time to read them carefully – including their terms and conditions. Then, compare them against other options.

Of course, it is perfectly natural to be attracted by advertisements for cheap caravan insurance quotes but it is only by closely comparing them to a range of other quotes, that you will really be able to see what they’re giving you – and what they’re not.