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Reasons To Compare Caravan Insurance

The main reason why you may wish to compare caravan insurance is that no two policies are likely to offer the same levels of cover.

Different providers of caravan insurance may view risk differently and this is reflected in the policies that they offer. Even if the prices of the premiums are the same, when you compare caravan insurance policies, there may be differences in the cover provided and in the terms and conditions that could make a significant difference to you in the event you had to make a claim.

There could be differences in areas such as:

  • the point at which the replacement basis of your cover may change from new for old to market value may vary from one policy to another. Using our service you may find policies which can offer new for old replacement for caravans up to 5 years old even if you have not been the sole owner, for example;
  • some policies may offer a fairer premium if you select a site for your static that has a flood free history;
  • discounts may be available if you are a member of a caravan club or association (these are known as caravan club insurance discounts);
  • fitting a touring caravan with a tracking device may attract a premium discount from some providers;
  • if you have an awning, some policies may require you to ensure that it is safely stowed away whenever you leave your caravan. Failure to do so may result in any claims for storm damage, which happen when you are not there, being rejected;
  • some policies may ask that you take some fairly common sense steps to help protect your touring caravan from being stolen. They may ask, for example, that you fit a wheel clamp whenever your caravan is left unattended and attached to the towing vehicle and when detached from the vehicle, a hitchlock should also be fitted.

It may only be when you compare caravan insurance policies, that you get a idea of how different they may be. A little time spent looking at what is on offer, may help ensure that you get a policy that most closely matches your needs.