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Static Caravan Insurance FAQs

We regularly receive questions on the subject of static caravan insurance.

Here are some of those that are more frequently asked and our responses – which we hope you will find useful.

I live permanently in my static caravan. What insurance do I need?

It may not be standard static caravan insurance.

This form of cover typically applies only in situations where your static caravan is being occupied for a few weeks each year for things such as holidays and long weekends etc.

It is typically not designed for caravans being used as permanent or semi-permanent places of occupation. We may need to consult with you directly to examine options.

Does my insurance cover external items?

It depends upon the nature of the item and where it is etc.

For example, some policies may cover external awnings (subject to conditions such as stowing them away when you are not in the caravan) but not contents stored under them.

Once again, it might be useful to have direct communication with you to understand what items you are considering.

Will my caravan be insured over the winter period when unoccupied?

Typically yes, though a policy may require that you take certain actions to protect your caravan.

That might include things such as draining down water and heating systems, switching off any electrical supply at the mains and possibly taking additional anchoring and securing steps etc.

Why is my site of interest to the insurance provider?

One of the several things that an insurance provider may use to help them assess the risks of insuring you (and therefore your premium) is the detail of your site.

For example, if your caravan site has permanent on-site supervision then that may reduce the risks of burglary and vandalism.

That is why you may be asked some questions about the site.

What is third party liability insurance?

Much as you may find it hard to believe, it might be perfectly possible for someone to sustain personal injury or damage to their property and believe that it was attributable to your caravan or your actions associated with your caravan.

In such circumstances, they may have a legal right to sue you for compensation. If they win and a court awards them damages, this form of insurance may offer you financial assistance in meeting those costs.

Do I have any options for obtaining discounts on my static caravan insurance?

You may well have.

Insurance providers typically like to offer financial incentives to encourage responsible behaviour in policyholders.

By responsible behaviour, they typically mean taking actions that will reduce the risks of a claim arising – something that is in their and your joint interest.

Exactly what discount opportunities exist may vary between policies but they may offer you the opportunity to significantly reduce the price of your insurance.

As you may expect, we will willingly highlight such opportunities to you as part of our service.