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The Basics Of Caravan Cover

If you have never looked into getting caravan cover before, you may be surprised at how involved it is. For example, policies are specific to the type of caravan that you have – touring caravan insurance and static caravan insurance may contain very different provisions because the risks involved for each type of caravan may not be the same.

A risky business?

You’ll hope that your caravan won’t be damaged by an earthquake or that it will float away in a flood. Yet if either of these misfortunes were to befall your precious holiday home, you may typically rest assured if you have adequate caravan cover in place.

Each insurer may have a slightly different list of risks that it covers, but they may include such things as:

  • Fire;
  • Theft;
  • Flood;
  • Storm Damage; and
  • Earthquake damage (although you would hope that you do not need this in the United Kingdom!).

What is covered?

When you think of caravan insurance you may automatically think of how the policy may deal with repair bills for the structure. After all, if you think of a flood or fire your mind may turn straight to news images of floating caravans, or destroyed caravan structures sitting sadly in a caravan park.

But what about what you keep inside the caravan? Caravan insurance may typically include a degree of contents cover. If you made a list of what you would need to buy to replace the contents of your caravan, you may be surprised at how much it came to. Subject to some limitations and exclusions, contents cover for caravans may be surprisingly comprehensive.

Where are you going this year?

For touring caravans and motorhomes, one of the privileges you probably enjoy on your holidays is the freedom to go wherever you want. Wales for the weekend? No problem. The Malvern Hills on Monday? Why not?

If you prefer to explore foreign shores, you may wish to check that your caravan cover extends to overseas travel and provides continental cover. Many touring caravan insurance policies may offer a certain number of days’ European caravan cover as standard, but your may wish to double check this with your insurer before you depart.