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The Facts When Trying To Compare Caravan Insurance

The bottom line is that trying to compare caravan insurance may not always be easy.

To start with, you have to try and find the individual caravan insurance providers.

Perhaps that doesn’t sound too difficult – but you may be surprised. Not only have you got to find an insurer but then you also have to start trying to find what cover they offer for your particular type of caravan or recreational vehicle.

So, you may find that, after looking at their products and starting to think how to compare caravan insurance, they don’t cover your particular caravan type.

It’s often surprising to some that this process can take so long ‐ and it is, of course, why we believe our services can help. Essentially we have already done much of that searching and information collection for you, thereby allowing you to do what’s important – make the decision based on the facts to hand.

When trying to compare caravan insurance, there are a number of factors that you may wish to keep in focus:

  • is the cover offering you what you need around contents and fittings replacements – for example, does it offer new-for-old or market valuation replacement;
  • are the payouts capped to maximum levels and if they are, can you accept them;
  • are the terms and conditions such that you could comply with them without issue;
  • does the policy provide you with opportunities to reduce your premium costs if you adopt certain steps such as fitting additional security devices etc;
  • is the policy providing you with cover that meets your patterns of use (e.g. do you plan to take regular trips outside of the UK with your caravan and so need continental cover?).

All of these points do not, initially at least, relate particularly to the price of the policy.

There’s a good reason for that.

Insurance really isn’t much use to you if it doesn’t meet your requirements. No insurance will ever offer unconditional cover for all conceivable eventualities and what it will cover is typically outlined clearly in the quotation and policy-related paperwork.

It’s also the case that no two policies are ever identical.

So, when comparing caravan insurance policies, it may be advisable to relegate price down your list of priorities until such time as you’ve established what cover is important to you and whether or not an individual policy is providing it.

It’s only at that time that it might be appropriate to start trying to compare caravan insurance based on the price of the cover provided. Or, if you prefer, we can help you – simply give us a call or email us. We’ll be delighted to assist you!