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The Role Of Caravan Insurance Brokers

Caravan insurance brokers are a source of caravan insurance, typically offering a range of products from different insurance companies.

The idea is that being able to select from a number of different insurance companies will mean that they are able to offer you choice and as a result, a greater probability of finding a suitable solution to your caravan insurance needs.

Understanding your own requirements

Of course, using caravan insurance brokers may be even more effective if you have prepared in advance by thinking through your requirements.

For example, you probably know that your caravan insurance covers your specific type of caravan, eg:

  • tourers;
  • motorhomes;
  • campervans;
  • trailer tents;
  • statics;
  • park homes.

However, it is not just a case of purchasing the first policy that comes along. Taking a good look at what the cover actually entails and ensuring it gives you the cover you need can be key to having the most suitable protection.

Cover requirements

And these other specifics may be something that caravan insurance brokers can help you with, if you so require.

For example:

  • do you need new-for-old cover for your contents or will you accept market value replacement;
  • do you have young drivers you wish to include on the policy (some motorhome policies have a minimum age requirement for drivers of 25);
  • do you have or wish to fit, additional security locks and bolts (this may earn you an additional discount);
  • do you intend taking your vehicle outside of the UK and if so, for how many days in the year (typically you’ll need continental cover);
  • if you have a static caravan, will you park it on an approved and secure site (this may also reduce your premium);
  • with a tourer, when not in use will you park it on a public road or private off-road area such as a driveway (parking off-road will typically also reduce your premiums).

In many of the above cases, your specific views may significantly affect the type of caravan insurance policy you take out and how much you may have to pay for it.

Conditions and terms

Caravan insurance policies will typically come with their own conditions.

These may specify certain aspects of your cover and paying attention to them is typically highly advisable – unless you wish to perhaps unintentionally invalidate your cover.

An example of such is that some policies may not cover your contents against theft if they are stored under an awning attached to your caravan’s exterior.

So, if you are looking for cover for your caravan, using the services of caravan insurance brokers such as ourselves may help. All the conditions associated with a specific insurer’s policy are clearly outlined on our website to aid your search for caravan cover. Or, you can speak to someone if you prefer, whether you need help or guidance or a caravan insurance quote!