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Touring Caravan Insurance And Continental Cover

If you are planning a trip abroad for the first time, then it may make sense to ensure that your touring caravan insurance has continental cover that is appropriate for your journey.

Perhaps surprisingly, not all touring caravan cover offers continental cover as standard.

You may find that some policies may only provide UK cover and if you decide you do want to venture over the Channel, an additional payment may be required.

Our touring caravan insurance, on the other hand, provides up to 240 days of cover as standard, giving you plenty of time to sample the delights of the continent in your tourer.

Caravan breakdown cover may be especially important if you are that bit further away from home.

Touring caravan insurance that can provide alternative transport and accommodation may allow you to continue your holiday if your vehicle and caravan need to be taken away for repairs.

Your continental trip will give you an interesting insight into the differences and the similarities of the countries that you visit.

There are a few things that you should probably familiarise yourself with before you go, to help make your driving experience as stress-free as possible:

  • driving on the wrong side of the road can be a bit daunting even for the most experienced of drivers and a little extra care and concentration may be advisable, particularly if it is the first time you’ve ventured abroad;
  • extra care may be needed when overtaking due to the restricted visibility from being on the wrong side of the vehicle;
  • make sure that you understand the sequences of the traffic lights in the countries you are visiting;
  • remember that road priorities may take a little getting used to – in France, for example, a lack of give way signs at a junction typically means that you should give way to cars coming from the right (irrespective of the relative sizes of the roads concerned);
  • some roundabouts can give priority to traffic entering the roundabout, others may adopt the more familiar system of priority for traffic already on the roundabout – so be on the lookout for give way signs (or the lack of them);
  • take note of the speed limits for motorways, dual carriageways and for driving in town and out of town;
  • make yourself familiar with regulations concerning carrying florescent jackets and warning triangles to be used if you breakdown;

One of the pleasant aspects to caravan holidays in countries like France, for example, is that most towns of any reasonable size will have caravanning facilities of some sort available and booking ahead may not be required, particularly out of season.

So once you have sorted out your touring caravan insurance there should be nothing stopping you!