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Touring Caravan Insurance FAQs

Here is just a small selection of the questions we are occasionally asked on touring caravan insurance.

Why are there age constraints on towing drivers?

We know that this doesn’t always seem fair and that it may sometimes cause some families logistical difficulties if they wish to share driving.

Unfortunately, statistically, some insurance providers regard drivers under about 24 years of age or over 74, to be more likely to have accidents that result in expensive insurance claims.

As a result, some insurance providers may decline to cover such drivers of a towing vehicle or others may require very much higher premiums for doing so.

Why does it matter where I park it when it is not in use?

This is a similar issue to that above.

If your caravan is not in use and is parked on the public street, statistically it may be at far higher risk of theft, unlawful entry, vandalism or damage due to a passing vehicle, than a caravan more securely located.

That is why some insurance providers may insist that your caravan is parked off-road when not in use or offer you financial incentives to do so.

Off-road may mean simply on your driveway but preferably in a locked garage or even more preferably, in a secure professional storage location.

Is caravan insurance available for all types of touring caravan?

Typically yes, but some makes may be rather more difficult to find cover for than others and as a result, their premiums may be higher.

Do I need to park it on special sites when I am using it?

Space here does not really permit a full discussion because policies may vary in terms of how they approach this question and it may also depend upon whether you mean parking with you present or not present.

As a general rule, tourer insurance policies may be inclined to state certain constraints about where you make park your caravan when it is in use. For example, if you unhitch it and leave it while you go off elsewhere, your policy may require that you be on a formally constituted and supervised touring caravan site.

Will the insurance cover my contents?

If you have contents cover then yes it will but inevitably there may be conditions.

It might be advisable to be cautious with things such as cash, jewellery, credit cards, PCs and other forms of electronic equipment. Being cautious means checking your policy before you decide to keep these things in your caravan.

If you decide not to take contents insurance, remember to be clear that what you consider to be fixtures and fittings in your caravan are actually also what your insurance provider considers to be fixtures and fittings!